JYY Development Cooperation project in India is about to end

The recent budgetary cuts carried out by the Finnish government regarding the development cooperation field haven’t left us untouched either: The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland did not grant funding for JYY for the exit-phase of our India project. A long-standing JYY development project in India with Bal Rashmi Society will come to an end after this year.

Over the years, the project, whose target was to empower local communities, has made women of remote mountain villages to take interest in their civil rights, helped children to attend school and bettered the health care of infants. Due to the decision of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs JYY is no longer able to support Bal Rashmi Society on the same scale as before.

Nevertheless, the Subcommittee for development cooperation has decided to keep on collecting money for the project independently during this year. Everyone who has even a little bit of time to give for this important cause is more than welcome to participate.

This year we are also planning the future ways of our development coordination after the India project. JYY’s Subcommittee for Development Cooperation will seek for potential cooperation projects and partners because it feels self-evident that the projects carried out by multiple organizations will stand a substantially better chance of receiving funding from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. We have already started recruiting new project coordinators and one of the key elements we are expecting from the new coordinators is interest in project planning.


  • Specialist in International Affairs Ágnes Stojcsics
    kv-asiantuntija (a) jyy.fi, 050 338 7655
  • JYY Board Member Ronja Karkinen
    ronja.karkinen (a) hallitus.jyy.fi, 050 517 3214

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