Academic Affairs

Are you interested in students’ rights and the quality of education? Do you want to learn how to influence your own and other people’s lives? The Student Union’s Academic Affairs are here just for that – to create the best possible studying conditions and to advocate students’ rights.

The Subcommittee for Academic Affairs

Every student can have an influence and supervise the interests of the university’s students by participating in the activities of the Subcommittee for Academic Affairs. The subcommittee is a discussion forum, a way of sharing information about current issues related to education, and also an organizer of events. Some of the highlights of the year are Free Education Day, the joint fall excursion to Helsinki, and the Complaining Weeks, which is a kind of feedback drive for students. The subcommittee also gives out the “Good Teacher” prize, granted annually by the University Foundation.

The meeting schedule of the subcommittee can be found in the Student Union’s events calendar. The language of the subcommittee is usually Finnish, but English can also be used if the matters under discussion apply to international students as well.

The mailing list of the subcommittee (also in Finnish) provides information on a variety of issues related to education and supervising the students’ interests.

Other Activities

In addition to running the subcommittee, the Student Union’s Academic Affairs are responsible for

  •  supporting the activities of the Student Union’s Board of Executives,
  • providing advice and distributing information (task of the Secretary of Academic Affairs), and
  • organizing training for subject associations and student representatives in administration.

By informing and training students and subject associations, we provide them with the tools to influence their surroundings and make a difference. We cooperate with and coordinate the activities of student representatives, but we also represent the entire student body in many administrational organs and working groups.

The Student Union supervises the interests of students nationally and internationally as well. This is achieved by cooperating with other student unions, National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) and European Students’ Union (ESU). The Student Union’s Academic Affairs is also responsible for training all new student tutors of the university.