At the Student Village

Studying does not have to be only hard work with tears in your eyes. This is why the Recreational Subcommittee of Kortepohja Student Village, known as KVAT, is determined to bring some fun to your days! KVAT is one of the many ways you can make your life more balanced, exciting and filled with new experiences. After all, isn’t that what student life is all about?

All residents of the Kortepohja Student Village are automatically members of KVAT, but its clubs and events are open for all the other members of the Student Union as well. The subcommittee arranges and organizes different clubs, courses, events and visits. You can also start your own hobby club or organize events, theme partys or pastime with some help from the Subcommittee! The heart and soul of the subcommittee is the Secretary of Kortepohja Student Village, Mari Lähteenmäki. In summertime she is also responsible for the housing arrangements of the university’s different summer schools.

You can  join KVAT’s mailing list and get more information about its activities, like us on Facebook, or contact the Secretary. Her office is located in Kortepohja Student Village, downstairs of restaurant Rentukka, and can be found there Monday to Thursday at 3-4:30pm and Fridays at 1-2:30pm from September till May.

Lillukka clubroom

The Recreational Subcommittee also rents common room Lillukka for a small fee for the Student Village residents and other students of the university. The legendary common room is located in the middle of the Student Village, downstairs from restaurant Rentukka. Whether you want throw a party, celebrate your birthday in a space bigger than your studio, or even organize a Christmas party or a pre-party, Lillukka is the perfect place! There is room for up to 40 people.

Reservations and more information:
The Secretary of Kortepohja Student Village
050 325 2963