University students can rent an apartment from Kortepohja Student Village, Central Finland Student Housing Foundation (KOAS) or a private landlord. Both Kortepohja and KOAS are safe and reliable landlords and their rental rates are often more affordable than those of the common market.

Tips for Living in Rental Housing in Finland

Before renting an apartment it’s good to be aware of a few things in rental housing in Finland. We have gathered some tips about how to avoid scams and what to do when facing a new renting situation.  You can find the tips here.


Kortepohja Student Village

Only the members of the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä can apply for an apartment in Kortepohja Student Village. However, when it comes to family apartments, only one of the tenants is required to be a member. In every September, the majority of vacant apartments is reserved for new students, exchange students and families with children. Older students can only apply for new apartments during the summer or from October onwards. If an old tenant wishes to switch apartments, for example from a single room apartment to a family apartment, they may be able to do so around the year, depending on the demand and availability of different types of apartments.
The Student Union also owns a handful of student apartments in Vehkakuja 2, close to the Student Village. The tenants on Vehkakuja are not required to be members of JYY. Apartments of both Vehkakuja and the Student Village can be browsed on the Village’s website.

Accommodation Office
Vehkakuja 2 B
014 607 201

Central Finland Student Housing Foundation (KOAS)

Central Finland Student Housing Foundation – or KOAS for short – owns 76 apartment buildings around Jyväskylä. The foundation rents out small dorm rooms and single room apartments as well as larger family apartments. Anyone studying in Jyväskylä or the neighboring areas can apply for an apartment from KOAS all year round. Information on the available apartments as well as the application form can be found online.

Kauppakatu 11 A
010 820 4444

Student Accommodation Forum

The Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä runs an online databank where students can look for an apartment, a tenant or a flat mate for free. The forum is only meant for students living in or close to Jyväskylä.

Temporary Accommodation

Temporary accommodation offered by the Student Union is meant for the students that haven’t been able to find an apartment before the beginning of fall semester. In 2014, temporary accommodation is offered from 20th of August to the end of September.

More information:

Secretary of Social Affairs
050 307 0540

Student Villages Countertrade place Kierukka

Kierukka is a recycling center located in the basement floor of building C in Kortepohja Student Village. The volunteers working there allow the visiting students to bring their goods and chattels and take anything they need or want – for free. The shelves are stuffed with a variety of small gadgets, clothes, shoes, household items, office supplies, toys and decorational objects. One man’s trash is another one’s treasure! The shop is open from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. every Tuesday.


Panu Mäkinen