Membership Fee and Student Card

Degree students should pay their Student Union membership fee between 2.5. and 31.7.2017. (New students must register no later than 21st of August.)

All Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students of the University of Jyväskylä are required to join the Student Union. For exchange and visiting students joining the Student Union is optional, but highly recommended as the membership entitles students to a range of benefits.

Once a student has paid the membership fee, he or she is entitled to purchase a student identification card, which is updated every year by adding a new sticker signifying that year or semester. As members of the Student Union students are entitled to for example, student-priced meals, discounts on public transport and the services of Finnish Student Health Service (see full list of benefits here), not to forget Frank’s web-discounts. Please note that you have to be a member of the Student Union in order to have an apartment from the Kortepohja Student Village.

The membership of the Student Union is voluntary for doctoral students. They are not entitled to all of the benefits, like student health services and discounts in transport, but the membership fee is lower for them. Doctoral students can live in the Kortepohja student village if they pay the membership fee. Doctoral students who have paid the student union membership fee and registered at the Frank website have also access to Frank’s web-discounts.

More detailed instructions on how to pay the membership fee can be found on the university’s website.

Membership Fees in Academic Year 2017-2018

Degree students (Bachelor’s and Master’s)

Total amount Share of JYY Share of the FSHS
Academic year 2017-2018  130,50e  76,50e  54,00e
Fall semester 2017  75,00e  48,00e  27,00e
Spring semester 2018  77,00e  50,00e  27,00e

In addition, new students must pay 15,10 € to receive their student cards.

Postgraduate students (PhD)

Total amount Share of JYY Share of the FSHS
Academic year 2017-2018  66,00e  66,00e
Fall semester 2017  44,00e  44,00e
Spring semester 2018  44,00e 44,00e

The FSHS does not provide health care for postgraduate students.

Refunding the FSHS Fee

If you have paid the membership fee for one and same semester to several different student unions, you may apply for a partial refund. The student union that has received your payment last returns the share of the FSHS to you in exchange to a written application. The deadline for the applications is September 30, if they apply to a fall semester or the whole academic year, and January 31, if the payment was for a spring semester. If you miss these deadlines, refunding the FSHS fee is no longer possible.

If you are applying for the refund from JYY, the applications should be delivered to the Central Office of the Student Union (Ilokivi building, Main campus, Keskussairaalantie 2, 40600 Jyväskylä) before the deadline, accompanied by the receipts for both membership payments.

It is also possible to get a refund for f.ex. an incorrectly paid membership. If you are applying for a refund due to graduation, you will also need to give back the semester sticker on your student card.

Please note that the application must be send as an original though you can fill it in electronically.

Student Card

You need a student card to prove that you are a student. Once you have paid the membership fee, you can order your card via internet. The card costs 15,10 €.

It is also possible to download a Frank application. You can find more information here.

With a student card a student can prove his or her status as a student and thus, his or her entitlement to student discounts, the services of the FSHS and other benefits. The card is valid as long as it has a current semester sticker on it. Every time a student pays the annual (or biannual) membership fee, he or she can collect the new sticker at the Student Union’s Central Office (Ilokivi building, Main campus, Keskussairaalantie 2, 40600 Jyväskylä) or at Student Affairs and Services in T-building, 2nd floor.

Postgraduate Students

The postgraduate students that have opted to pay the membership fee of the Student Union can also order a student card. All the members of the Student Union, including postgraduate students, are entitled to all the services and guidance the Student Union offers. However, postgraduate students are not entitled to the services of the FSHS, student discounts on public transport or the meal subsidy of Social Insurance Institution.
See complete list of benefits at:

See detailed instructions on how to pay the membership fee.

With a student card postgraduate students can buy student meals in Cafeteria Ilokivi for 5,00 €. There are similar postgraduate discounts in other student cafeterias as well.