Rentable Spaces and Saunas

For Clubbing and Partying

Student House Ilokivi

The common room and the lunchroom of Student House Ilokivi are both available for rent. You can rent them separately or together, in which case your party can take place in two separate floors! What’s more, the upstairs and downstairs rooms are both equipped with a PA system. The Student Union reserves the right to check and change the rental rates of these rooms any time of the year. If the rates change, the prices for the previously booked reservations will change as well. Restaurateur Heimo Nieminen will provide the clients with foods and drinks as commissioned. The rooms are suitable for gigs and concerts as well as theater performances. If you have any questions or wish to make a reservation, please contact the Cultural Producer by phone: +358 45 137 1961, or by e-mail: kulttuurituottaja(a)

Samppa Erkkilä
044 292 2897

Juuso Pusa
050 379 0056

JYYn kulttuurituottaja
045 137 1961

Restaurant Rentukka

Restaurant Rentukka is located in the middle of Kortepohja Student Village and it is a great venue for parties and private events. To reserve the restaurant for yourself, call: 040 4813557.

Common Room Lillukka

Like Rentukka, common room Lillukka is also located in the middle of the Student Village and is available for parties and conferences for a very affordable rental. The room is quite ascetic, but cozy and budget-friendly. There is room for up to 40 people. To make a reservation go to this website.

Movie Theater

This theater is reserved for Kampus Kino on certain weekday nights, but on other times, it is available for rent. The theater is located in Student House Ilokivi and is well suited for showing and viewing movies and other films. If you have any questions about the theater, please contact the Cultural Producer: tel. +358 45 137 1961, e-mail: kulttuurituottaja(a)

For Meetings

There are several conference rooms in Student House Ilokivi that the students may utilize for free:
Board Cabinet (max. 20 people)

The rear of Cafeteria Ilokivi (max. 40 people)
Available on weekdays after 4 p.m. and during the weekends.
The front of Cafeteria Ilokivi or the whole lunchroom (max. 120 people)

To book these rooms, please contact the following secretaries:
Board Cabinet and the rear of Cafeteria Ilokivi: Member Services Secretary, (tel. 050 430 6747).
Cafeteria Ilokivi and the front of the lunchroom: Cultural Producer, tel. +358 45 137 1961.

Sauna and conference quarters in Opinkivi

Opinkivi building on Seminaarinmäki Campus is an excellent venue for relaxed sauna nights and more official conferences alike. The premises are designed for maximum of 50 people.
The sauna is divided in two separate areas by a movable wall. Yet, the wall is thin enough to enable conversation between the two sides.
The conference room is equipped with an overhead projector (contacted to a digi-box), sound system equipment (own for ex. smart phone needed), a coffee maker, a water boiler, two refridgerators and about the following dishes and utensils:

  • 4 glass jugs
  • 50 plates
  • 50 soup plates
  • 50 drinking glasses
  • 50 shot glasses
  • 50 coffee cups
  • 50 knives, forks, spoons and tea spoons
  • 4 dished
  • 6 glass bowls
  • a teapot, a cake server
  • 2 trays

The people and organizations that are members of the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä can rent the space for 120€/night. For other students and JYU staff the price is 175 €/night. For outsiders, the price is 200€/night.

To reserve the premises, contact directly the Member Services Secretary:
memberservices (a)

Reservable saunas in Kortepohja Student Village

There are two reservable saunas in the penthouses of buildings A and B of the Student Village.
The saunas are available for rent every day till 9.30. p.m.
Both saunas have room for about 20 people.
Reservations and prices on the website.


These premises are mainly reserved for the local student theatre, but they are also available for rent. They are a part of the multifunctional common room in the downstairs area of Student House Ilokivi. If you are interested in renting the space, contact the Cultural Producer, tel. +358 45 137 1961.


Located in Kortepohja Student Village.
Enquiries and reservations: Photography club Jopka, pj [at]