Student Meals

By showing a valid Student Card issued by Frank, students can buy student-priced meals in a dozen of student cafeterias and luncheonettes around the three campuses. The low prices are based on the meal subsidy Social Insurance Institution pays to the restaurant proprietors.

In practice, this means that a meal that would normally cost 5,70 € in Cafeteria Ilokivi only costs 2,60 € for a student with a valid student card. Cafeteria Ilokivi also sells booklets of ten meal tickets. The price of one booklet is 25 € for degree students, 50 € (incl. coffee) for postgraduate students and 57 € (incl. coffee) for other customers.

Just like Cafeteria Ilokivi, Sonaatti restaurants and cafeterias sell student-priced meals and snacks around the University of Jyväskylä. It is also good to remember that the Student Card entitles its holders to subsidy-priced meals in student cafeterias all around Finland.

Read more about the meal subsidy on Social Insurance Institution’s website.