Social Affairs

The Student Union’s Social Affairs deals with a range of issues which are necessary for leading a normal, smooth student life. Such things are especially matters related to students’ housing, health, income and equality.

The Student Union’s social activities include supervising the students’ interests and providing students with certain Student Union membership services. The Subcommittee for Social Affairs also organizes different kinds of events.

The Secretary for Social Affairs offers help and guidance with all matters related to social security, health and welfare, housing and income.

The Student Union’s Social Affairs organizes the annual Smiling Week, the complete opposite of the Student Union’s Complaining Weeks when grumbling and whining are at the center of attention. During the Smiling Week students can leave positive feedback, give their thanks and share their joys about studying, the university, life – anything that makes them happy! Feedback is collected on the Internet and also around the campus in special smile-collecting booths. Of course, it is recommended to share your smiles and give positive feedback all around the year, but the systematic smile-gathering week takes place again this year on 7-13 November.