Student Union Activities

Academic Affairs

The Student Union supervises and promotes the rights of the university’s students and gives advice in any problems related to studying.

Social Affairs

The Student Union advises students on everything related to e.g. health care, housing and equality and organizes all kinds of welfare events.

International Affairs

The Student Union promotes internationality and interculturality on campus and introduces foreign students to Finnish culture.


The Student Union aims to encourage positive environmental attitudes among students and other people by organizing events and distributing information.

Development Cooperation

The Student Union sustains its own development cooperation project, organizes events in the spirit of development cooperation, and strives to increase students’ interest in development cooperation matters.


The Student Union organizes all kinds of cultural activities and events.


The Student Union’s sports activities increase the students’ opportunities for exercising and physical well-being.

At the Student Village

The Student Union organizes events and clubs for action-hungry residents of Kortepohja Student Village and other students as well.