Board of Executives

The Council of the Student Union appoints a new Board of Executives annually. The Board takes care of the everyday issues and decisions of the Student Union and executes the decisions of the Council. The Board of Executives also prepares comments and statements on current issues concerning students, allocates grants for student organizations and recruits new employees.

Each Board of Executives consists of 8–10 people.

The Board of Executives 2016

lasse-heikkilaLasse Heikkilä
Chair of the Board

Email: pj (a)
GSM: +358 45 137 1964

Council Group: Centre Students

teemu-vasamaTeemu Vasama
Vice-chair of the Board

Academic affairs, international affairs, campus development

Email: teemu.vasama (a)
GSM: +358 44 040 9940

Council Group: Alvar’s Union

magnus-jyrkkanenMagnus Jyrkkänen

Communitions, Student Newspaper Jylkkäri, Publishing House Kampus Kustannus, regional politics

Email: magnus.jyrkkanen (a)
GSM: +358 40 412 7725

Council Group: National Coalition Students

arttu-karilaArttu Karila

Social affairs, regional politics

Email: arttu.karila (a)
GSM: +358 40 829 7072

Council Group: Centre Students

emilia-lakkaEmilia Lakka

Social affairs, international affairs

Email: emilia.lakka (a)
GSM: +358 40 594 7256

Council Group: Green Students

toni-lamminahoToni Lamminaho

Academic affairs, tutoring, work and employment affairs

Email: toni.lamminaho (a)
GSM: +358 40 718 8784

Council Group: Natural Scientists

helmi-mottonenHelmi Möttönen

Environmental affairs, student organizations

Email: helmi.mottonen (a)
GSM: +358 44 368 1392

Council Group: Alvar’s Union

anna-silvolaAnna Silvola

Culture, development cooperation

Email: anna.silvola (a)
GSM: +358 44 062 0991

Council Group: Green Students

mikko-viitamakiMikko Viitamäki

Sports, student organizations, Kortepohja Student Village

Email: mikko.viitamaki (a)
GSM: +358 40 770 8744

Council Group: Pörssi & Dumppi

euyp-yilmazEyüp Yilmaz

Financial affairs, corporate relations, work and employment affairs

Email: eyup.yilmaz (a)
GSM: +358 44 555 3517

Council Group: Pörssi & Dumppi