Board of Executives

The Council of the Student Union appoints a new Board of Executives annually. The Board takes care of the everyday issues and decisions of the Student Union and executes the decisions of the Council. The Board of Executives also prepares comments and statements on current issues concerning students, allocates grants for student organizations and recruits new employees.

Each Board of Executives consists of 8–10 people.

Board of Executives 2017

teemu-vasamaTeemu Vasama
Chair of the Board

pj (a)
045 137 1964

Council group: Alvar’s Union

bella-forsgrenBella Forsgrén
Vice-chair of the Board

Social affairs, organizations

bella.forsgren (a)
045 322 9301

Council Group: Green Students

siiri-haapakoskiSiiri Haapakoski

Organization, employment affairs, tutoring

siiri.haapakoski (a)
050 594 8296

Council Group: Pörssi & Dumppi

ronja-karkinenRonja Karkinen

Environmental affairs, development cooperation

ronja.karkinen (a)
050 517 3214

Council Group: Green Students

samuel-latvanenSamuel Latvanen

Corporate relations, regional politics

samuel.latvanen (a)
050 545 5299

Council group: Pörssi & Dumppi

aatu-puhakkaAatu Puhakka

Social affairs, sports, student village

aatu.puhakka (a)
050 300 5780

Council group: Green Left of the University of Jyväskylä

riikka-rintalaRiikka Rintala

Academic affairs, employment affairs, Kampus Kustannus

riikka.rintala (a)
050 466 6317

Council group: Alvar’s Union

klaara-tapperKlaara Tapper

Regional politics, academic affairs, international affairs

klaara.tapper (a)
044 585 8807

Council group: Centre students

jaska-vepsalainenJaska Vepsäläinen

Communications, financial affairs & JYY businesses

jaska.vepsalainen (a)
050 462 2656

Council group: Pörssi & Dumppi