There are employees of the Student Union who the students should contact if they have any problems or questions concerning student life. All the employees, except for the Student Village Tenant Advisor, work at JYY offices located in Gummeruksenkatu 6.

mari-krogerExecutive Director Mari Kröger

The executive director looks over the organization of the whole Student Union. She knows everything about administrational issues and the Union itself.

toiminnanjohtaja (at) jyy.fi | +358 45 138 6816

eetu-heiskaMember Services Secretary Eetu Heiska

The Member Services Secretary answers all the questions students might have on the services provided by the Student Union. He also books JYY’s premises and real estates for different events and gatherings and acts as a link between the Student Union and different student organizations. Furthermore, he deals out the new student cards and stickers every year.

memberservices (at) jyy.fi | +358 50 430 6747

joachim-kratochvilSpecialist in Academic Affairs Joachim Kratochvil

The Specialist in Academic Affairs is an expert on everything that’s related to studying, study counseling, tutoring or the administration of the university.

kopo-asiantuntija (at) jyy.fi | +358 50 330 1025

jonna-varsaSpecialist in Social Affairs Jonna Varsa

The Specialist in Social Affairs takes care of the issues concerned with financial problems, housing, sports, equality, harassment or Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS).

sopo-asiantuntija (at) jyy.fi | +358 50 307 0540

agi-stojcsicsSpecialist in International Affairs Ágnes Stojcsics

The Specialist in International Affairs helps students with all the issues related to internationality, development cooperation or studying abroad. She’s also a great contact person for the exchange students.

kv-asiantuntija (at) jyy.fi | +358 50 338 7655

Cultural Producer Anniina Hartikainen

The Cultural Producer runs the Kampus Kino movie theatre and she is responsible for the arrangements of music festival Jyrock and other cultural events organized by the Student Union. In addition, she helps student organizations to arrange events of their own.

kulttuurituottaja (at) jyy.fi | +358 45 137 1961

Communications Officer Maj Rasilainen

The Communications Officer is responsible for JYY’s very own website, the weekly student newsletter and any other announcements the Student Union might make.

tiedottaja (at) jyy.fi | +358 50 352 9591


Mari LähteenmäkiKortepohja Student Village Tenant Advisor Mari Lähteenmäki

The Student Village Tenant Advisor is the heart and soul of the Recreational Subcommittee of the Student Village. She can, for example, reserve for you the community house Lillukka or the band rehearsal space of the Student Village for different student groups and organizations. Every weekday, you can find her in her office, which is located downstairs of restaurant Rentukka of Kortepohja Student Village.

tenantadvisor (at) jyy.fi  | +358 50 325 2963

Office hours: Mon-Thu 3–4:30 p.m., Fri 1–2:30 p.m.