Kortepohja Student Village

Kortepohja Student Village is a cluster of apartment buildings owned by the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä. The Village is located close to Lake Tuomiojärvi, a couple of kilometers North from the city and the university. Local busses 18 and 25 run from downtown to the Student Village: number 18 stops at Taitoniekantie and number 25 at Laajavuorentie, next to the parking lot of the local grocery stores.

The very first apartments of the Student Village were built in 1968. Since then, the Village has grown to include 16 houses with 1,600 residents. In the middle of the Student Village, you can find restaurant Rentukka and common room Lillukka, but there are plenty of other recreational premises as well.

The Recreational Subcommittee of Kortepohja Student Village (KVAT) provides the villagers with a range of free time activities and events.

More official housing matters are taken care of by the Accommodation Office, which is located on Vehkakuja, close to the Village proper (Vehkakuja 2 B, 40700 Jyväskylä).

The decision-making organ of the Student Village is called the Tenants’ Council. A new Council is elected annually of the residents of the Student Village, by the residents of the Student Village.