This is a lovely apartment available for rent. The apartment is a two bedroom apartment, with a living room, seperate kitchen and bathroom and balcony. It is close to the big supermarkets. You will enjoy every of your time and stay in this lovely apartment. The apartment itself is nothing special, but the location and the view.. oh my god, could it be any better? Also good public connection to the city and university.
Immediately free.
Rent 600eur plus water and electricity.
Rent with furnitures 780eur plus water and electricity.

Vuokrattavana Jyväskylän Kangaslammelta kolmio parvekkeella ylimmästä kerroksesta hienoilla näkymillä. Hyvät julkiset kulkuyhteydet. Heti vapaa. Vuokra 600eur+sähkö ja vesi.
Vuokra kalustettuna 780eur +sähkö ja vesi.