There are three 11-17m² rooms available in three room apartment in Rautpohja, Valajankatu 1 from 1st January. Rooms can be rented with basic furniture if needed. Excellent location, it is 900m from Jyväskylä University and 500m from Hippos area, down town 1,6km. There are separate rooms, each having entrance straight from the hallway in the apartment. There is freezer and dishwasher in kitchen and in bathroom toilet and shower. Washing machine is in downstairs in common space. Also possible to rent from 1st January until 30th June. Possible to negotiate the duration. Pets are wellcome. Rent security deposit is 500eur. Water 30eur/month and if You consume more, then You need to pay extra. Internet connection included into the rent. Electricity 25eur / month. There is no elevator in the building. Apartment is located in 4th floor. Apartment is renovated and there are no renovations to come. Total costs 430eur /month. Heating is included. Biggest room 17m² and balcony costs 15eur/month more (445eur). Photos: