Education is a key to a bright future. In Nepal, not everyone can afford to study. Therefore JYY, together with Aurora Borealis, supports young Nepalese women in their higher education studies.

Academic Sponsorship Program supports bright young people, who want to continue their studies in a college or vocational school after the elementary studies. The support includes the tuition fees and other costs such as the school uniform and materials and transportation. Students’ situation is being monitored regularly and it is annually decided whether there’s a need to continue the support. A local association Loo Niva Child Concern Group is responsible for the practical execution of the Academic Sponsorship Programme.

You can support our work in many ways. Development cooperation lunch tickets, supporting our project, can be purchased at Ilokivi. You can also donate to the project when paying the student union’s member fee, or directly here. We are also happy to receive bottle deposit money from subject organizations. If you want to have our charity box in your event, you can pick it up at JYY Central Office. Feel free to join events supporting the project, organized by the Subcommittee for Development Cooperation. You are also welcome to join all other subcommittee activities as well!

Are you interested in learning more about development cooperation and it works on a grassroots level? Would you like to develop your own skills and take a step towards development cooperation? Together with Aurora Borealis ry and Loo Niva Child Concern Group, JYY offers internship for master’s level students that have a focus on education or development cooperation. The internship will take the student to Nepal, where they get to be a part of a girl’s education project with Loo Niva.

For more information, check Aurora Borealis ry’s website or contact the development cooperation coordinators at (a) and

Fundraising Licence

Aurora Borealis ry
Permit number: RA/2020/836
Valid:  1.9.2020 onwards (open-ended) in Central Finland (including Pirkanmaa and Central Finland regions)

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Development- and Culture association Aurora Borealis ry is a development cooperation association from Jyväskylä, founded in 2015. It aims at promoting and supporting development cooperation and multicultural interaction.