Get familiar with different events and activities of Ethical October!

Environmental week 9.-15.10.2017

Which kind of opportunities our environment offers? How can we as individuals act for the good of environment?

See the programme here.

Development cooperation week 16.-22.10.2017

Development cooperation week is organized annually by JYY and a happy group of volunteers. The week invites students to discuss, participate, and get to know the global, helping side of themselves. During the week, development cooperation themes are introduced via different types of events such as: workshops, yoga, info events, and a movie night. Come and enjoy the international atmosphere and a cup of good, hot, fair coffee!

Fair Trade week 23.-29.10.2017

The purpose of Fair Trade week is to remind us all about Fair Trade products and how choices in our everyday-life can have an impact on world.

See the programme here.