The Student Union’s development cooperation work revolves around the activities of the subcommittee and the development cooperation projects of the Student Union. The Subcommittee for Development Cooperation is the meeting place for all who are interested in development and global issues.  Its task is to inform students about the Student Union’s projects and to and raise students’ awareness about development cooperation and global responsibility.

At the moment, JYY supports a local development- and culture association Aurora Borealis, who works in Nepal helping young people in their higher education studies. You have the chance to support their activities by buying lunch tickets with the development cooperation extra in Ilokivi or volunteering in our fundraising events.

The subcommittee also coordinates the Fair University- project, whose aim is to maintain the university’s Fair University honorary title and to advance the use and visibility of Fair Trade products in the university community.

All students interested in development cooperation and global responsibility issues are warmly welcome to join our activities at any point of the year.

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Contact persons 2020

Martta Liukkonen

Gustavo Orellana Díaz

Jenni Heikkilä
Member of the Board of Executives (responsible for  Development cooperation and Environmental Affairs)

Development cooperation coordinators

Mona Vanhanen and Dmitrii Zhurukov

Mailing list:
Facebook Group: JYY Subcommittee for Development Co-operation
Facebook Page: JYY Subcommittee for Development Co-operation

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