Wellbeing and Community for Students

Would you like to meet new friends? Or would you like to have more structure to your days and studying? Check out Leija -events and peer groups below!

Would you like to give us feedback, volunteer in our groups or start organizing social events with us? All new ideas and insights are welcome, contact details below.

Leija is part of “studying wellbeing by peer support” – actions offered by the Student Union and the University of Jyväskylä. For more information, please contact project worker Ismo Puhakka, isse@jyy.fi or project coordinator, pahesori@student.jyu.fi


Light & joy for November: join for Leija’s wellbeing appro! By participating in at least two of Appro’s relaxing, fun and restorative events, you will get a patch. Programme:

Meditation and Self-Compassion workshop, 3.11 – 1.12.

Dog walking, 5.11. at 12-13

Leija’s baking night, 15.11. at  17:30-20

Music trip, 17.11. at 14:00 & 15:30

Easy Intro to Astanga Yoga, 19.11. klo 9:00 & 12:00

Knitting workshop, 21.11 at 18-21

Tea time, 22.11. at 17 & 18:15  & 19:15

Forest-mindfulness, 24.11. at 16:30

Meditation and Self-Compassion workshop

Five Thursday Mornings, 3.11 – 1.12. 8.15 am to 9 am at the University Chappel (Yliopiston Kappeli/paja)

Meditation and Self-Compassion workshop provides an overview on most common meditation and mindfulness techniques and methods. Join in and let yourself be. You do not need previous experience in meditation. Practices are free of creed and available for anyone.

3.11. Sitting meditation
10.11. Thought labeling and counting of breaths
17.11. Walking meditation
24.11. Metta, self-compassion meditation
1.12. Being aware amidst everyday life

Teacher Ismo Puhakka has 18 years of experience in the practice of meditation and is currently the chair of the Ordinary Mind Zendo Finland, a Zen Buddhist association.

For more information: isse@jyy.fi / 040 7008446

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Dog walking

5.11. at 12-13, Musica. Participation is free of charge, but registration needed.

Come along to meet dogs and enjoy the November weather. JYY’s Leija is organising a relaxed Saturday afternoon dog walk in cooperation with Jyväskylän Kaverikoirat. We will meet on Saturday 5.11. at Seminaarinmäki campus, in front of the Musica building at 11:50.  We will head for our walk at 12:00 with the dogs, so be on time! Please remember weather appropriate clothing! We will return back from the walk around 13:00.

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Leija’s baking night

Tuesday 15.11. at 17:30 – 20 pm, Musica (BOOMBOX), Participation is free of charge, but registration needed. 

Come and join our fun baking night together! Organizers will bring ingredients.

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Music trip

17.11. at 14:00 and 15:30, Ilokivi Venue. Participation is free of charge, but register beforehand!

Come relax and enjoy great music at Ilokivi Venue.

Both music sessons start with a brief guided relaxation and mindfulness moment supporting our opening up to the musical experience.

In the first session at 2:00 p.m., we will play Debussy’s La Mer as a classic recording performed by the Berlin Philharmonic conducted by Herbert von Karajan.

In the second session at 15:30 we shall listen to a selection of ambient classics, e.g. From Brian Eno, Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada.

At the end of the session, so willing, you can stay and share your experience or thoughts and feelings evoked by the music.

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Easy Intro to Astanga Yoga

19.11. at 9:00 & 10:30, Ryhtilä

Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic style of yoga. Its special feature is combination of breathing and postures into a series of movements. ¨

Astanga yoga strengthens the body, brings more mobility, and calms the stressed nervous system, relaxing both the body and the mind.

The course is guided by Juha Hämäläinen, who has long experience in mind-body exercises; especially astanga yoga and zen meditation or zazen.

This course includes an easy astanga yoga practice and pranayama, i.e. breathing exercises which help for instance improving the quality of sleep.

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Knitting workshop

21.11. at 18-21, Ilokivi restaurant

Join us for a social evening of knitting and fun on Monday 21.11. At 6 – 9 pm Ilokivi restaurant. We will provide basic tools & yarn and instructions. You can also bring your wool and needles if you wish. Let’s knit & crochet together!

This knitting workshop is designed for knitters of all levels – beginner to advanced. You decide what you want to do and learn.

We will provide snacks & non-alcoholic drinks. This event is alcohol-free.

Let’s discover the joy of knitting!

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Tea time

22.11. at 17 & 18:15  & 19:15, Chapel  ‘Vanha Paja’

Welcome to a warm and cosy tea time together. You will have the opportunity to taste different interesting teas and learn more about tea.

The venue for the tea time is ‘Vanha Paja’ in Seminaarinmäki campus.

Sign up for one tea time only (max. 6 participants)

17:00-17:45 first tea time

18:15-19:00 second tea time

19:15-20:00 third tea time

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24.11. at 16:30, Tourujoki nature trail

Forest Mindfulness offers an opportunity to relax in the terrain of the Tourujoki nature trail through guided walking meditation. Meditation means opening up to this moment. You don’t need previous experience.

The tour is guided by Ismo Puhakka, who has 18 years of experience practicing meditation. Ismo also serves as the chairman of the board of the Zen Buddhist association, Tavallinen Mieli Zendo ry.

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