Learning space

If you need a place for uninterrupted work away from your chores, the Learning space is the place to be. As a tenant of the Student Village and Vehkakuja 2, you are entitled to use the Learning space.

Please note that the Learning space is a silent work area, where discussion, eating or group work is prohibited. Reserve the adjacent Group work room and eat your snacks in the Lobby (or have lunch in the restaurant upstairs).

JYU IT Services are responsible for the equipment in the Learning space. A multipurpose PrintIt-printer is available for use in the Learning space. You can find instructions on using the PrintIt-service at this link.

Learning space support requests:

Printing support requests:

Opening hours:
As a tenant of the Student Village you can access the Learning space with your next-gen key-card (use your Rentukka card if you are a tenant of Vehkakuja 2).

The learning space is open for the tenants of JYY 24/7.

In addition to the Learning space, the lobby and the toilets in the lobby are available around the clock for the tenants of JYY. The main door of the Rentukka building closes according to the opening hours of the restaurant. When the main door is locked the tenants of the Village or Vehkakuja 2 can open the door with their personal key card.

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Group work room

Reserve the free-of-charge Group work room for meetings, group works or discussions. Plans are easy to sketch on the blackboard wall. The room is also suitable for the different clubs of Kortepohja. You need to have an account on varaus.jyy.fi to book the Group work room.

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For reservation, you need to sign in with your varaus.jyy.fi account (Kortepohja tenants only)

The Lobby

The Lobby of Rentukka is a nice place to take a break, read a magazine or play some board games with friends. The lobby is a pleasant space to stop by or to spend the whole afternoon in. Fetch a cup of coffee from the restaurant upstairs to help you concentrate on your studies or to pass the time while you wait for your friend who happens to be a bit late. Rentukka doors are open always when the restaurant is open but you can enter 24/7 with a Rentukka key.

Questions? Contact info@rentukka.fi

Club room

As the name suggests, the Club room is designed with the different recreational clubs of Kortepohja in mind, and the room lends itself to many uses. A projector, a screen and a game console allow you to plan a game or movie night with friends, or have a basic meeting. You need to have an account on varaus.jyy.fi to book the Group work room.

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A bigger meeting? A sitsfest? A LAN party? Lillukka [LIL-look-kah] provides enough space for a larger group to have dinner, drink coffee or code. All kinds of educational events, get-togethers or even graduation parties can be hosted in Lillukka in the centre of the Village. Lillukka can be booked by members of the Student Union JYY.

Check the details and booking instructions from Lillukka’s own page.

Band room

The rugged Band room has provided a rehearsal space for many generations of bands in the history of Kortepohja. Will you find your place among them?

Read more from Band room’s own page.