Rentukka Gym

The Gym of Rentukka is free of charge for Soihtu‘s tenants. The gym can be accessed with the Village Key Card. You can change into suitable clothing at home or in the dressing rooms of the 9th floor in building A. The gym can be found on the 2nd floor of the Rentukka-building.

How to get your key-card:

Tenants of Soihtu

Use of the gym is free for all tenants in the Student Village and Vehkakuja 2. Pick up a new remote key-card/Rentukka card from Soihtu Housing service point. The key-card is personal, and giving the key-card to someone else is prohibited.

Academic Sports’ customers

The Gym is part of the Academic Sports’ sports fee from April 2018 onwards. Pay the seasonal fee online and pick up your gym card from Rentukka’s Info Desk. Note, that you have to make the payment first and show your Academic Sports sticker when you’re picking up the key card. The key-card is personal, and giving the key-card to someone else is prohibited.

Entrance to the Gym:

Main entrance to the gym is on the north end of the building on street level. Show your gym card or Village Key Card to the reader next to the door and step in after the door opens. Take the stairs to the 2nd floor and you have found the Gym.

Soihtu tenants only

Entrance to the gym is available from Rentukka’s restaurant and via the corridor in A building. Follow the signs inside the building.

Weight-lifting room

Separate weight-lifting room is especially meant for dead-lift and weight-lift exercises.

The weight-lifting room is located in A-building’s ground floor and tenants can access the room with Village Key Card. The room is open daily from 9 AM to 9 PM.

Members of Academic Sports can use the weight-lifting room with the Academic Sports key card.

Dressing rooms

There are no dressing rooms at the Gym. You can use the dressing room in the 9th floor of building A, or change at home.

NB: To ensure fair use of the gym, our personnel may do spot checks in the gym. For Village/Vehkakuja tenants, providing identification and an apartment number is sufficient, for Academic Sports’ customers a receipt and identification is required.

Lockers and coat storage at the Gym

In the entrance area of the Gym there are shoe and coat racks for outdoor equipment. For small valuables there are little lockers that you can use during your workout. If you so wish, you can use your own padlock in the locker door.

The lockers are to be used during workout only. This is why the lockers are kept an eye on and  those locked for overtime are emptied out daily. Lost and found items can be requested after at the Rentukka info desk.

Accessibility of the Gym

The lift in the Lobby of Rentukka can be used to enter the Gym during the restaurant’s opening hours. Stairless entry to the shower can be performed by first exiting Rentukka, then entering the A building via the main entrance located behind Rentukka building. The showers are located in A building floor 9 (use elevator from ground floor).

Sauna and shower

After your workout, you can use the sauna and showers in the 9th floor of building A. Access to the showers is through 2nd floor of Rentukka (follow the signposts). You need your key-card/gym card to access the showers.