In Rentukka we have perfect facilities for studying, meeting and hobbies.

Most of the facilities are included to Soihtu’s tenants’ rent and as a tenant you can easily enter the rooms with your Village Key Card.

Also many of our common rooms are possible to book, even though you are not a tenant of the Student Village. We are very happy to support all kinds of activities, so if you want to organize an event or a club open for every one, don’t hesitate to contact Rentukka’s Community Manager!

More information:

Note! Due to COVID-19, most of the Rentukka’s common rooms are closed until 30th of April.

Space for Studying

Learning Spaces Group Work Room


Space for Hobbies

Bubble Band Room

Club Room  Work Shop


Meeting Rooms & Party Venues

Bertta Club Room Lillukka


Rental Sauna