Band Room

The Band Room is located in the basement of Rentukka-building below Lillukka. It can be booked for one semester at a time. The room is equipped with drums, piano and amplifier, but other instruments you need to bring with you. All the members of the Student Union JYY can book the band room.

Booking and payment

The Band Room is maintained with a semesterly fee which is 45€ / shift. The room features a drum set and a small PA-system for common use.

You can book your own shift from Rentukka’s Info ( After you have booked a shift you can pick up the keys among payment from the info desk.

Please contact Rentukka’s Info Desk to make the reservation (

Autumn 2020 booking has been closed. You can check the availability of shifts from Rentukka’s Info Desk.


Bookings for occasional use

Occasional use of the band room is also available when there is space in the booking calendar. One time booking costs 5 € / 3 hours. Please contact Rentukka’s Info Desk for more information.