Welcome to Restaurant Rentukka

The local restaurant brand Semma is in charge of the restaurant services at Rentukka. Semma has 20 years of previous experience in providing restaurant and cafeteria services for students and university staff in Jyväskylä. Semma Campus Bakery delivers bread and delicacies for our restaurant.


Lunch costs 7,90 EUR per person including a cup of coffee or tea. For students eligible for discounted meals it costs only 2,60 EUR per person. To get the discount, keep your student card, Frank app or some other proof of your studentship with you!

Opening hours

Lunch times:
Mon – Fri    11 – 19.00
Sat               11.30 – 18.00
Sun              12.00 – 16.30

Restaurant will be closed 30 min after lunch ends.

Lunch selection:
Mon – Thu: two main courses and soup
Fri – Sat: two main courses and special priced grill portion on Fri 11 – 18 and on Sat 11.30 – 18.00
Sun: two main courses

We serve vegetarian food every day!

Lunch for today

Lunch today ‐ Wednesday 20.02.2019

  • Organic soy and vegetable stew (* ,A ,G ,L ,M ,Veg ,VS)Whole grain rice (* ,G ,L ,M ,Veg)
  • Indian-style chicken drumstick (G ,L ,M)Plain yoghurt (A ,G ,L)Rice (G ,L ,M ,Veg)
  • Minced meat goulash soup (* ,G ,L ,M ,VS)
  • Overdone pork, bacon and bratwurst in red wine sauce (A ,G ,L ,M ,VS)Roasted potatoes (* ,G ,L ,M ,Veg)Stewed sauerkraut (A ,G ,L ,M)
  • Passion fruit curd dessert (A ,G ,L)

Weekly lunch


We serve breakfast until Saturday 18.8.2018. Breakfast costs 8,90 €/person. For students 20 % discount.
Breakfast is served:
Mon – Fri at 7 – 9.30
Sat – Sun at 8 – 10.00

Breakfast includes for example:
Bread, porridge, coffee, tea, juice, yoghurt etc.

We also offer light breakfast (porridge and coffee, tea or juice) for students with only 3,00 € cost.

Special diets and allergies

We offer choices for e.g. vegetarians and vegans, too. All the ingredients used in preparation of lunch are mentioned in the informative labels at the buffet. Although we do our best to meet the needs of food allergic students, we are not a gluten or allergen free facility. If you have a severe allergy or need any other help with your meal choice, don´t hesitate to contact our personal.