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              • VEGAN LUNCHVegetable curry (*, A, ILM, L, M, Veg, VS)Whole grain rice (*, G, L, M, Veg)2,70 / 7,90€
              • Iceberg lettuce (G, L, M, Veg)Carrot, swede and zucchini salad (G, L, M, Veg)Kauden kasvis (G, L, M, Veg)Sweet corn (G, L, M, Veg)
              • VEGETARIAN LUNCHVegetable croquettes (G, ILM, L, M, Veg, VS)Papas arrugas (*, G, ILM, L, M, Veg)Caper mayonnaise (A, G, ILM, L, M, Veg)2,70 / 7,90€
              • LUNCHSausage patties with cheese (A, G, L)Papas arrugas (*, G, ILM, L, M, Veg)BBQ mayonnaise (A, G, L, M, Veg, VS)2,70 / 7,90€
              • GRILLBrioche beef burger with cheese (A, L)Country potato chips (G, L, M, Veg)5,20 / 9,90€

              Sunday 12.02.2023