Student Union

The Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä – also known as JYY – is comprised of the 12,000 students that study at the university. As soon as they pay the membership fee of the Union, they receive their student cards and get to enjoy the many benefits the Union and the state provide to their students. The Central Office of the Student Union is located in Student House Ilokivi.

The Student Union gives the student body a voice at the university as well as in the wider society. What’s more, JYY is dedicated to helping its members in all kinds of concrete problems they might face in their lives as students. If a student, for example, feels that his or her rights have been violated, has fallen victim to any kind of harassment or needs help and guidance with his or her financial situation or health care, the Student Union is the place and people to go to.

The Student Union invites all its members to join their decision-making and activities. With JYY, any student has a chance to participate in advocating student rights or organizing all sorts of cultural and recreational events.

The easiest way to get involved is to get acquainted with the subcommittees. In practice, they are groups of students that organize events and provide an open forum for discussing current issues of their respective fields of interest.