The Union operates in a transparent and democratic manner. The most important decisions are made by the Council, elected every two years, and daily affairs are taken care of by the Boards. You can participate in decision-making for example in subcommittees which are open for all members of JYY.

Decision making

The Council of Representatives

The Council of Representatives makes the most important decisions concerning JYY.
41 representatives are chosen in elections held in every second year. Next elections will be held in November 2023. All members of JYY have a right to vote or be a candidate. If you are interested, contact

The meetings of the council are open to all members of JYY. You’ll find the time of next meeting in event calendar or by following Student news.

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The Board of Executives

The Council of Representatives appoints a Board of Executives to handle administrative and executive issues of the Student Union. The Board decides, among other things, on financial support for the student accociations and drafts statements on current issues concerning students and student life.

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