The Student Union Central Office is located in the Student House Ilokivi at the Seminaarinmäki campus. There serve the Union’s employees who are resposible for guidance services as well as other practical affairs.


You can contact the Union’s specialists in any matters regarding student life.

Minna Oinas

The Executive Director is in charge of all aspects of the Student Union, so she will hold answers to any questions concerning the Union or its administration.

Ismo Puhakka

The Member Services Secretary answers questions about the Union's services. In addition to distributing student card stickers, he will help you with booking the Union's facilities among other things.

Joachim Kratochvil

Student Representatives

Juulia Saukkonen

The Specialist in Social Affairs is in charge of matters relating to students' income, living, health care, equality. She's also a harassment contact person.

Ágnes Stojcsics

The Specialist in International Affairs is in charge of internationalisation, development cooperation as well as international students.

Laura Partamies

The Cultural Producer is responsible for Kampus Kino, the Jyrock-festival and other cultural events of the Student Union.

Teemu Rahikka

The specialist in Communications coordinates the Union's communications and updates its website in addition to composing the weekly newsletter JYYtiset. He's also a harassment contact person.