Student union membership fee

All university students must register for attendance or non-attendance before the start of every academic year. New degree students accept their study positions and register following the instructions they receive. Students continuing their studies receive registration instructions in their email. For students continuing their undergraduate studies, registration and paying the membership fee are basically the same thing.

When registering, students must also pay the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä’s membership fee by the given deadline. Below you’ll find some basic information about how to pay the membership fee. On the university website, you’ll find detailed instructions about the registration both for new students and for continuing students.

Those pursuing their bachelor’s or master’s degree at the university of Jyväskylä, pay the JYY membership fee either for the whole academic year at once or for one semester at a time.

For exchange students, JYY’s membership is voluntary. However, only by paying the membership fee you are eligible for using the services of the Finnish Student Health Service and for obtaining a Frank student card. Being a member of JYY also gives you an advantage in getting an apartment in Kortepohja Student Village. Without the membership status, you can get accommodation in Kortepohja only if there are rooms left unoccupied.

The JYY membership is voluntary for post-degree students as well. For them, the fee is smaller as they do not have the right to use the FSHS services. There are differences in other student privileges as well. Frank’s online discounts, however, are the same for post-degree students as well.

Paying the Student Union membership fee

Detailed information about registration to academic year 2020-2021 available at JYU website.
Students join by paying the membership fee. While paying, please use the following information:

For Bachelor’s or Master’s level degree, exchange or visiting students:

Undergraduate students Amount of the fee Student union fee FSHS fee
Academic year 2010-2021 104,50 €  76,50 €  28,00 €
Autumn semester 2020 76,00 €  48,00 €  28,00 €
Spring semester 2021 50,00 €  50,00 €  –

Account holder: Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä
IBAN: FI30 1581 3000 0339 35
Reference: 07922
Bank: Nordea Bank Finland
Address: Aleksanterinkatu 36, Helsinki, FI-00020 Nordea


JYY’s voluntary fees

Voluntary fees are paid in connection with the membership fee by adding one or more of the following sums to the paid amount:

Development cooperation fees € 4.50 / € 6.50 / € 9.50

Subscription of the student magazine Jylkkäri to have it delivered to your home: 9 €
In the payment message, state your address and mention Jylkkäri’s order.
Please note that the printed version of Jylkkäri has most of its articles in Finnish.


Doctoral students

Doctoral students can also join the student union, however, they are not entitled to the same list of benefits as Bachelor and Master degree students. Doctoral students are not entitled to the services of FSHS, to student discounts on long-distance travels nor to student discounts on meals in student restaurants. However, doctoral students can get approximately 10% discount on meals in student restaurants.

After joining the student union, doctoral students can purchase/download a student card for doctoral students and can enjoy the discounts that Frank offers.

Because doctoral students are not entitled to the same benefits, their membership fee is lower.

Postgraduate students Amount of the fee Student union fee FSHS fee
Academic year 2020-2021 66,00 €  66,00 €
Autumn semester 2020 44,00 €  44,00 €
Spring semester 2021 44,00 e  44,00 €

Refund of the membership fee and the FSHS contribution

If you have paid a membership fee to different student unions during the same semester, you can request for a refund of the FSHS contribution from the student union to which you last paid the fee. Request for a refund of the autumn semester fee or the full academic fee must be submitted by the latest 31.8., and of the spring semester at the latest 31.1. After this, the FSHS contribution cannot be refunded.

If you are requesting a refund from JYY, the request must be submitted to JYY Central Office (Keskussairaalantie 2, 40600 JKL) by the due date, with attached documents about both membership fee payments. If the payments have been made on the same date, please attach a document about the account transactions.

Only a student who has paid an incorrect amount or has graduated before the beginning of the spring semester, is eligible to request a refund. If you request a refund due to the ending of your study right, your academic year sticker must be returned.

Please notice that the request cannot be submitted in electronic form.

JYY membership fee refund form