Associations activity is an extremely important factor as a booster to a student’s well-being and activity and as the upkeeper of student culture. Association actives are the foundation of operations. With their own voluntariness they create possibilities for fun, interesting and captivating activity. In addition to this, each association has its own advocacy-related task through which students’ everyday life is supported.

During the year each association active will face their own challenges for which it can take a lot of time and resources from the actors to find solutions. At times taking care of your responsibilities in an association can feel difficult and that’s why it’s important that you’re not left alone with these issues.

JYY wants to support the associations with their important work. To the associations working in its domain, JYY also offers the possibility to ask a member of the Board of Executives or the Member Services Secretary to their meeting or the associations actors can schedule an appointment with the Member Services Secretary. You can approach members responsible for associations or the Member Services Secretary with your requests via email. Of course, the Member Services Secretary’s door is also always open without a scheduled appointment during the Central Office’s opening hours!

Associations and associations actors can approach the Member Services Secretary for example in the following matters:

  • validation of the associations’ advocacy role
  • union legislation
  • regulation changes
  • union administration and finances
  • activity inspection
  • meeting practices, preparation of meeting documents
  • activity planning and implementation
  • forming and registering a new union
  • JYY’s operations
  • news of your association
  • anything related to your union


Associations Clinic

The Associations Clinic is the associations sector’s continuous low-threshold meeting place where you can meet with the Member Services Secretary as well as occasionally with the Board members for Associations. Here with combined efforts we discuss any questions related to your association, whether it’s about member services, fundraising, financial administration or just union activity in general. You can come with an already prepared topic, but this is not necessary. You can also come to exchange views about for example JYY or union activity in general. You really don’t need a prepared topic and you can just come over to tell your association’s news.

The idea of the Associations Clinic is to improve information movement between JYY and the associations as well as support the associations actors in their tasks. In case some matter with your own sector, association, union activity or JYY gets you thinking, the Associations Clinic is the right channel for forwarding messages. Here we discuss matters in good spirits and aim to come up with solutions to difficult situations.

You don’t need to schedule appointments with the Associations Clinic, it is enough that you show up knocking on the door of the Central Office in Ilokivi.

We are here for you and your association. Don’t hesitate to contact us!


Member Services Secretary
Eetu Heiska
050 430 6747


Board members for Associations:

Josefiina Hukari

Topias Peltonen