The Student Union together with its co-operators provides students services enhancing one’s health and well-being.

Health care for degree students

In Finland, the health care of university degree students is mainly delegated to Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS), all services are included in the fee collected by Kela. FSHS provides nutrition, mental- and oral health services. In addition, students are entitled to use the services provided by the health centers in their place of domicile. These usually come in handy when the local FSHS clinic is closed.

Health care for exchange students

Public sector first-aid services are provided by municipal health centres. There are 12 health centres in Jyväskylä, four of which are located in the city centre area:

  • City Centre Health Centre, Tapionkatu 7, tel. +358 14 266 0120, Mon-Thu 8-16, Fri 9-16
  • Huhtasuo Health Centre, Nevakatu 1, tel +358 14 266 0121, Mon-Thu 8-16, Fri 9-16
  • Kuokkala Health Centre, Syöttäjänkatu 10, tel. +358 14 266 0122, Mon-Thu 8-16, Fri 9-16
  • Kyllö Health Centre, Keskussairaalantie 20, tel. +358 14 266 2011, Mon-Thu 8-16, Fri 9-16

You should use the services of the health centre of your area. The health centre of Keltinmäki, Kortepohja and Myllyjärvi is the Kyllö Health Centre. Those living in Ristonmaa or Kuokkala should visit the Kuokkala Health Centre. A list of all health centres can be found on the City of Jyväskylä website.

A fee of € 20.60 is charged of each visit. If you come from outside the EU or EEA, fees are higher and you must have insurance to cover the costs. Citizens of the EU or EEA should present their European Health Insurance Card when visiting a municipal health centre.

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