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How to Use JYY's Apartment Forum

The Student Union’s Apartment Forum only serves the housing needs of students in the Jyväskylä region. In other words, any ads not directed at students or related to apartments located in Jyväskylä or the surrounding areas will be deleted by the page administrator.

The service is only meant for the use of private persons. Therefore commercial ads by e.g. real estate companies are not allowed. Also, it is not allowed to use the service to lease your apartment during different events (e.g. Neste Oil Rally Finland).

No commission can be collected from apartments rented via the Apartment Forum. The administrator of the forum will use his or her own judgment to remove all inappropriate or otherwise unsuitable ads.

If you notice any ads on the Apartment Forum that should not be there or if you suspect that an advert on the page is a scam, please inform the administrator by e-mail at asuntopalsta(a)jyy.fi. All the suspicious ads will be removed immediately without further notice and they will be informed to the police.

Do not pay any money from the rental apartment before seeing it (or having your friend or tutor see it) and having a written lease agreement with signatures from both parties. Always watch out for people trying to take an advantage on you, if you are doubtful with an apartment offer you can always ask for help before renting an apartment from asuntopalsta(a)jyy.fi.

The Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä or the administrator of the service are not liable for the ads on the Apartment Forum.

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