Students’ viewpoints and opinions should be seen and heard at the University. Students’ perspectives can be forgotten in decision-making if the students are not there to tell about it. A student representative in administration is part of the representative democracy at the University and represents themselves and their fellow students in the University’s decision-making.

Finnish universities are based on the idea of an academic community, which is formed by the professors, the university staff and the students. These three groups representatively lead the university in different positioning elements. This way it is ensured that the academic community is using all of its know-how in decision-making.

As a student representative in administration, you get to familiarize yourself with the management of a large scientific institution. The task is intriguing and involving responsibility. In addition to meeting and negotiation skills, as a student representative in administration you can learn of different administrative matters and for example about quality management, personnel matters and development of teaching. The task also allows to broaden your own understanding of students’ rights.