JYY is looking for student representatives for several student representatives’ tasks. Most decision-making bodies work in Finnish. The positions listed on this page don’t however require knowledge of the Finnish language.

You can find the full list of open positions (including ones that require Finnish) here: https://jyy.fi/osallistu-ja-vaikuta/opiskelijaedustajat/hae-opiskelijaedustajaksi/

Open positions (in English)

There are currently no open positions (in English).


Qualification requirements

Persons who fulfill the qualification requirements for a Student Representative in Administration are those who have the right to complete a degree on either undergraduate, graduate, licentiate or doctoral level. The prerequisite to qualify is that the student has registered as present at the University of Jyväskylä before the first day of applications.

Persons who fullfill the qualification requirements for Faculty Council member are only those who have the right to complete a degree in the Faculty in question. Disqualified are persons who are in a full-time employment relationship at the university and who, on the basis of electoral rules of procedure, are eligible to vote and eligible in elections as part of the university staff.

Student Representatives’ task is to represent all Students of the Faculty including all degree programmes in every teaching language.

Applications for the position are submitted using the online application form, in which the following information are to be provided: the applied position, the applicant’s full name, student number, email address, phone number, faculty and major subject as well as previous competence, experience and motivation which the applicant wishes to be taken into account in the selection-making. The application is to be sent within the period of applying. The application can also be sent in print to Student Union’s Central office. Subject Association can also compose a recommendation letter for the applicant.