Alvarin unioni (The Union of Alvar)

The Union of Alvar is a politically independent Council group based in Seminaarinmäki, with an aim to promote democratic decision-making in the Student Union and to activate more students to join the Council’s activities. Our goal is to make all our students’ voice heard in our Student Union. Crossing subject association and faculty borders, without compromising the quality.


Centre Students of Jyväskylä (JOK)

Centre Students of Jyväskylä, JOK, is a community of people interested in university politics and national advocacy work. We aim to create better and equal study possibilities for everyone. We are interested in societal issues and motivated to work together towards a better tomorrow.


The Green Students of JYY

The Green Students of JYY work in the Council to support  the wholesome student wellbeing and flexible study options. We want the Student Union to be an active participant in the society, promoting sustainable development both on campus and in the city. Equal opportunities, treating students as individuals and taking responsibility for global issues locally are some important principles for us. You can follow current news on the Green Students of JYY Facebook and Instagram accounts. You are warmly welcome to join!


Jyviva – The Green Left of the University of Jyväskylä

The Green Left of the University of Jyväskylä (Jyviva) is a student group that fights for environment, democracy and living culture in JYY and everywhere on our campuses. Most of the questions concerning students are political and we want to offer a strong green-left option. The Green Left also organizes reading groups, movie nights, trips and parties. With Jyviva, you have a chance to learn, hangout and do politics together, without committing to any party. Our events are open for everyone and all students from freshmen to post-degree students may join.


JYY’s Social Democratic Students

JYY’s Social Democratic Students is a group of students, committed to social democratic values such as equality, solidarity and wholesome wellbeing. We are connected by the will to develop the Student Union into a more equal community that focuses on the wellbeing of all students. Welcome in our team!


Luonnontieteilijät (Natural Scientists)

Natural Scientists is a party-politically independent group established by mathematic and science subject organizations. We act as a part of Järjestöjen ääni (Voice of organizations) group. We see scientific research and logical reasoning as an important basis for decision-making. JYY’s activities shall be be open for everyone and have their basis on genuinely listening to the students. We work towards focusing in the Student Union’s main tasks. Tutor activities, education policy and listening to our students are important themes for us. Student Union shall also support organizations and their activities, as organizations do valuable education policy work and create community.


National Coalition Students of Jyväskylä

National Coalition Students of Jyväskylä represents all students in our student union. We do that by focusing on promoting student rights in concrete ways both in education policy and in urban policy, by taking care of the sustainability of the Student Union’s economy and by doing sustainable and encouraging environmental decisions. You can easily join us, welcome!



Council group P&D was based on two subject organizations. According to our slogan, ”Voice of reason”,  P&D does not make decisions based on party-political ideologies, but rather based on rational consideration. Our aim is to bring the voice of reason into the Student Union’s activities. We are here for our students, regardless of subject associations and the colour of your student overalls. P&D is a part of the Järjestöjen ääni (Voice of organizations) group, together with the Union of Alvar and Natural Scientists.