JYY’s subcommittees are open groups that organise events and offer the opportunity to talk about current issues in the sector. Join us!

Participating the meetings doesn’t require any preparation in advance as the chair and the secretary lead the meeting. You’ll find the subcommittees’ contact information here.

These are the subcommittees that work in English.

In the picture, students with overalls

Subcommittee for International Affairs

SIA is organised by the Student Union and is a forum for discussion for all the students, Finnish and internationals alike. SIA focuses on increasing cultural awareness and contacts between students from different cultural backgrounds. It also aims to look after the interests of international students and promote internationalization.

In the picture, bikes in front of Ilokivi

The Subcommittee for Development Cooperation

The Subcommittee for Development Cooperation is the meeting place for all who are interested in development and global issues.  Its task is to inform students about the Student Union’s projects and to and raise students’ awareness about development cooperation and global responsibility.

The subcommittee also coordinates the Fair University- project, whose aim is to maintain the university’s Fair University honorary title and to advance the use and visibility of Fair Trade products in the university community.

The following subcommittees work mainly in Finnish. However, English speakers are more than welcome to join!

Subcommittee of Academic Affairs discusses and shares information about current issues in the academic field and prepares statements. Join the Facebook group

Subcommittee of Culture organises all sorts of events that are all inspired by the subcommittee’s members ideas. Some of the most well-known events are Jyrock, movie nights at Ilokivi Venue and culture-themed trips. Join the Facebook group

Subcommittee of Environment searchs for sustainable ways of living and strengthens the students’ relation with nature. Some of its actions are bike repairing workshops and thrifting events. Join the Facebook group

Subcommittee of Health and Well-being’s themes are housing, income, health, sports and equality. It organises event like health work shops or discussion panels. Join the Facebook group