JYY supports development cooperation with the development- and culture association Aurora Borealis and with National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL). You can support this important development cooperation work by donating at the same time as paying JYY’s membership fee or by buying lunch tickets in Ilokivi Restaurant with a development cooperation extra, which is 0,2€ per lunch.

All students are welcome to volunteer in our events and organize their own fundraising events. We are also actively looking for other development cooperation projects. We strive to create a fair and just world for everyone.


Aurora Borealis ry’s Academic Sponsorship Program in Nepal

JYY supports a local development cooperation association Aurora Borealis. Aurora Borealis supports Nepalese youngsters in their higher education studies in Loo Niva village. Education is a key to a bright future but not everyone can afford to study.

You can support Aurora Borealis’ Nepal project by paying a voluntary development cooperation fee in conjunction with the JYY membership fee in the OILI-system when you register for the academic year. In addition, you can support the project also by buying lunch tickets in Ilokivi with a development cooperation extra, which is 0,2€ per lunch.

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SYL’s Development Cooperation and EMPOWER-project

During the past few decades, SYL’s (National Union of University Students in Finland) themes for development cooperation have been education, supporting students and increasing the awareness of development cooperation in Finland. SYL’s development cooperation is coordinated by KENKKU, a group of volunteers who represent different student unions together with the SYL board member.

From 2019 to 2022, SYL is supporting the education of disabled students in three publicly funded universities in Ethiopia (EMPOWER-project). The project aims to provide disabled students with high-quality education on an accessible basis and on level terms with other university students. The project is supporting the participation of disabled students in the universities in question, by establishing or reinforcing the institutions’ services for the disabled. The aim is for the universities to continue providing such services and assistive devices after the project. This has worked well in previous, similar projects. The project also aims to reduce gender inequality, by ensuring that both women and men participate in the education arranged through the project.

JYY is organising a small-scale fundraiser for SYL in the OILI-system in conjunction with the payment of JYY’s membership fee.

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Fair Trade

Fair Trade University title is awarded by the Fair Trade association in recognition of the university’s ethical responsibility and its commitment to acting according to the sustainable development principles. The University of Jyväskylä has attained the Fair Trade University title first time in 2014.

The Fair Trade association was especially thanking the University of Jyväskylä for the wide selection of Fair Trade products that campus restaurants have. Particularly, restaurants have procured a delightfully large amount of Fair Trade coffee and tofu.

Fair Trade ensures a fair wage for the producers and farmers and aims at decreasing poverty with the help of trade.

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