The Student Union Council chooses a Board of Executives every year. The Board is in charge of daily decision making and the implementation of the Council’s decisions. The Board also issues statements in matters concerning students, distributes grants for associations and hires employees.

The Board consists of 7-10 members.

The Student Union Board for 2021

Petri Laaksonen

The Chair leads the Board and its activities.

Council group: Opiskelevat kokoomuslaiset

Aku Buckbee

Financial Affairs

Council group: P&D

International Affairs, International Tutoring

Council group: P&D

Cultural Affairs, Student Newspaper Jylkkäri

Council group: Jyviva

Arttu Laaksonen

Municipal politics and advocacy

Council group: Jyväskylän keskustaopiskelijat

Elina Kärkkäinen

Social Affairs, Wellbeing and Sports

Council group: JYYn vihreät opiskelijat

Lotta Tuominen

Communications, Corporate Relations

Council group: Alvarin unioni

Matti Heikkilä


Council group: Alvarin unioni

Academic Affairs, Tutoring

Council group: Luonnontieteilijät

Sustainable Development: Environmental Affairs and Development Cooperation

Council group: Luonnontieteilijät