Members of the Student Union JYY are entitled to a wide range of benefits.

Student card

As a member of the Student Union you are entitled to a Finnish student card issued by Frank. This card offers you a variety of benefits locally and nationwide. For more information about the benefits, please check and for information on ordering the card please check here.

Remember also the very convenient mobile student card for your smartphone! Download Frank App from your app store or from

Long-distance travels

With the Frank student card you can get 30-55% discount on trains and long-distance coaches.

Student discounted lunch

The student card entitles you to affordable meals in the student union’s own restaurant Ilokivi and in other student restaurants within the meal subsidy programme (search for subsidized restaurants on the Social Insurance Institution (Kela) website).

Housing & Living

Members of the Student Union are prioritized for housing from the Kortepohja Student Village.  Kortepohja Student village offers a lot of services for tenants and other members, for example sport and other recreational facilities, common rooms and various kinds of communal activities. The recently renovated Rentukka‘s services include a restaurant (open in the evenings and weekends as well), gym and rooms to study and hang-out.

JYY also manages an online apartment forum if you prefer to find an apartment from the private market or if you would like to sublet your own apartment.

Counselling services

As a Student Union member, you can also take advantage of JYY’s specialists’ counselling services.  JYY’s specialists are here to advise students with questions about e.g. the university, livelihood and housing. You can contact specialists confidentially. See contact info for more information.

Other benefits and services

  • JYY student calendar that you can pick up when you visit the Central Office in the Student Union building Ilokivi or when you visit the Student Services in T-building.
  • Weekly Student Union News including information on movies, parties, meetings, sport events, etc. for the following week.
  • Jylkkäri, the Student Union newspaper both in online and printed form.
  • Rental spaces
  • Tools and Equipment to Rent and Borrow
  • Grants for organizing events