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The Student Union Council of Representatives makes the most important decisions concerning students and the Student Union. The Council decides on matters concerning membership fee among many other things.

Voting has ended. Check out the new Council of Representatives below.

Check Out the New Council

What on Earth is the Council of Representatives?

JYY’s Council consists of 41 elected representatives. The council makes the most important decisions in the student union, selects new employees and decided on the member fee. 

The representatives are all students at the University of Jyväskylä and therefore members of JYY.

E-voting Let’s You Vote Anywhere

With e-voting it is quick and easy to vote. All you need is University of Jyväskylä Student Credentials.

Preliminary voting takes place 28-29 October. Actual voting days are 1-3 November. The voting takes place between 8 am and 8 pm. On the last day 3 November the voting closes at 4 pm.

How Do I Know Who to Vote For?

It is important to use your vote. The Student Union JYY makes decision concerning you i.e. how much the membership fee is and how it is spent.

The best way to find a perfect match is to do the Candidate Matcher.

JYY’s Candidate Matcher

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the election or the election compass, please contact the chair of the election committee Miikael Saksman or the executive director or JYY, Minna Oinas. 

Miikael Saksman
Chair of the election committee

Minna Oinas
Executive Director
+358 45 138 6816