What the Council?

Council of Representatives is JYY’s parliament, which makes decisions on some of the most important issues regarding the Student Union.  Students elect the 41 Council members in elections organized every other year.

Council of Representatives makes decisions on issues such as rules, budget, financial statement, loans and construction. The Council also elects the Student Union’s Board, the Chair of the Board and the most important JYY employees, such as the Executive Director and the Editor-in-Chief.

The Council meets approximately once a month. The meetings are open for all students. The election days for the term 2020-2021 are 4.-6.11.2019 and advance voting is organized on 31.10.2019 and 1.11.2019.

Current Council

Color Electoral Alliance No of Seats Electoral Ring

The Union of Alvar 8 Järjestöjen ääni

Natural Scientists 3 Järjestöjen ääni

P&D 11 Järjestöjen ääni

Centre Students of Jyväskylä 2

Oikeat opiskelijat 3

The Green Left of the University of Jyväskylä 6 Kampuksen punaiset ja vihreät

JYYn demariopiskelijat 1 Kampuksen punaiset ja vihreät

The Green Students of JYY 7 Kampuksen punaiset ja vihreät

Run for Council!

You can run in the elections if you have registered as an active student in the University of Jyväskylä, at the latest by 24.9.2019, by paying the Student Union member fee and are thus a JYY member. You are required to fill in the Notification of Candidacy Form to run in the elections.

You can join an electoral alliance, which increases the possibility of being elected in elections using proportional representation. Electoral alliances gather together people who share common values and goals. You will find contact infromation of the Council groups 2018-2019 here.

Two or more candidates can also form an electoral alliance outside the existing alliances. Already existing groups shall also submit the Notification of Establishing an Electoral Alliance Form.

Electoral ring gathers together electoral alliances, which also affects the counting of votes in elections using proportional representation. Two or more electoral alliances can form an electoral ring by submitting a Notification of Establishing an Electoral Ring Form.

Notification of candidacy and notification of establishing an electoral alliance and electoral ring forms shall be submitted to the Executive Director Minna Oinas at the JYY Central Office (Keskussairaalantie 2, 40600 Jyväskylä). Deadline for the applications is 1.10.2019 at 12.00.

Important Documents