Laura Partamies Recruited as New Event Coordinator

JYY has recruited 27-year-old Laura Partamies as their new Event Coordinator.

Partamies has a Master’s degree from 2015 in Musicology. Previously Partamies has worked as the Cultural Coordinator for the municipality of Juva and in different roles at several festivals.

“I am excited to start my new job as Event Coordinator. Planning big events while learning the ropes in a new job means that next spring is going to be busy, but I have never shied away from challenges.” , Partamies commented.

As the Student Union’s Event Coordinator, Partamies’ responsibilites include Kampus Kino’s films, the Jyrock music festival, and other cultural events, as well as advising members in event coordination.

All students can take part in planning and organizing the Student Union’s cultural events in the Subcommittee for Cultural Affairs. The new Event Coordinator encourages all who are interested to join the subcommittees meetings.


More info:

Minna Oinas
Executive Director
+358 45 138 6816