Mon 4.4. from 4.30pm to 8pm, Jyväskylä University Library Lähde, Väite B248


Welcome to the wonderful world of knots! Macramé is an ancient handicraft technique in which patterns and surfaces are formed with different types of knots. Knotting refreshes your mind and provides an excellent counterbalance to your studies. The subtlety of the macramé is that even with a couple of basic nodes you can get off to a great start. The spectrum and possibilities of the knots entice you to learn more and the concrete seeing of your own handprint rewards by giving a great mood.

The workshop takes over the basic nodes and designs of macramé, which are going to be used to create our own unique decor and utility items using ecological materials. After the workshop, you can take your own creation home with you! The workshop is suitable for anyone interested in handicrafts.
The instructor will be Maria Lilja, a creative entrepreneur with a background in community education. The duration of the workshop is ca. 3 hours, so that you can create your own creations without any hurry. Please, try to get to the workshop right at the beginning of it (at 4:30 pm), because the instructions are given at the very beginning. No worries, though, if you can’t attend the workshop the whole workshop because you can continue your creation later in your own home as well. Classroom Väite B248 can be found on the second floor of the Jyväskylä University Library Lähde.

The workshop is limited to 15 people. In addition to the limited number of participants, please note that registration for the macramé workshop will already end on Sunday, April 3rd at 12:00, so be sure to register on time! Registration opens on March 28 at 12.

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