Wed 6.4 from 4pm to 6pm, visual arts class C418, 4th floor of the main building

Painting can be a particularly therapeutic and relaxing activity that can help you to get your thoughts elsewhere or possibly clarify them. Whatever your reason is for painting, you now have the opportunity to attend a painting workshop and immerse yourself in the world of colors!

In the workshop, you can create a painting based on your own ideas, sketches or even photos found on your phone. You can also come to the workshop without any ideas. The most important thing is to paint as it feels best to you. You also don’t need to have any background in painting, everyone is welcome to join!

Maria Mäkivirta and Antti Lokka from OKL’s visual arts will be the instructors of the painting workshop. Art painting supplies can be found on site. Only the first 20 registrants get to attend the workshop.

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