Design an Overall Patch for JYY’s Election Year 2021

Take part in JYY’s overall patch designing contest! The main purpose of the contest is to design overall patches commemorate the spring 2021 Municipal Elections and Council Elections of fall 2021. During the elections these overall patches will be given out to everyone who votes!

How to participate

  • Design two separate overall patches that together make a cohesive ensemble.
  • The theme for one of the patches is the Municipal Election and for the other the Council Election.
  • Please pay attention to clarity and simplicity in your design.

The winner is chosen based on an idea, not a technical implementation. You can participate with a hand-drawn sketch or a manufacture-ready idea, as long as the details stand out.

JYY’s Board selects the best overall patch design. The designer of best overall patch ensemble is rewarded with a gift card to Ilokivi (value 30 €).

Return your design for the election year overall patch ensemble on Sunday 21 February  at the latest via the form below.

Participation has ended.

Contest Rules can be found here.

More information

Arttu Laaksonen
Board Member