All classes require prior registration in

Tuesday 4.10.

EASY Yoga from 7pm to 8pm.

EASY Yoga welcomes you to slow down. The class is a combination of soft flow yoga and relaxation. EASY Yoga holds space for a peaceful moment to let go of stress, breath deep, strengthen your body and relax your muscles by sinking into deep stretches and final relaxation.
Clothes: Workout clothes

Intensity level: easy

Where: University L-building (voimistelusali,VS)


Wednesday 5.10.

HIIT from 9am to 9:25 am

HIIT (High Intesity Interval Training) is a short and effective workout! You’ll get to challenge yourself with intensive intervals that target your whole body. HIIT is a fast way to get fit!
Clothes: Indoor workout clothes
Intensity level: high

Where: University L-Building (Voimistelusali, VS)

Abs from 9:30am to 9:55am

Abs is a quick but effective workout for your abs and other core muscles to support your spine and posture.
Clothes: Infoor workout clothes
Intensity level: mid
Where: University L-building (voimistelusali, VS)

Ultimate START from 7pm to 8pm

The Ultimate START shift is aimed at beginners as a low-threshold shift with the instructor. No previous knowledge required. Learn during the shift the basic rules, techniques and how to play. Mixed shift. It is recommended to purchase / borrow your own game equipment, but you can get started by using uMove game equipment.
Clothes and equipment: Recommended to take your own but you can borro the uMove equipment if you do not have your own
Intensity: mid
Where: Hipposhalli (HH)