The name and brand identity of the Business unit of JYY out now – the Business unit of JYY is now Soihtu

The Business unit of JYY is now Soihtu for short. It is the developer and upkeeper of the real estate and restaurant properties of JYY, enabling students’ good life and communality. Soihtu promotes the business unit of JYY and communicates the Student Union JYY’s active role in the development and growth of the service range of the City of Jyväskylä.

Soihtu manages, lets out and administrates the real estates owned by the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä JYY, including housing properties and services at Kortepohja Student Village and Vehkakuja, and produces event-, restaurant- and catering services in Ilokivi. Soihtu works to actively develop the Business Unit of JYY and its real estate properties’ value.

All the Business unit of JYY services are now included in Soihtu

Soihtu is governed by the Student Union JYY. Soihtu Housing and Soihtu Facility Services, former JYY Accommodation Services and JYY-Palvelut Maintenance, are included in Soihtu along with the rest of the business unit of JYY.

”The new brand visualizes the diversity of the business possessions of the Student Union JYY and the versatility of the services it provides to the people in Jyväskylä, especially the University students. In the future it will be easier to realize that, among other things, the Kortepohja Student Village and the Ilokivi restaurant both are owned by the Student Union”, says Ira Vainikainen, the Chair of the Board of the Student Union.

A chance for JYY to stand out as the professional real estate developer it is

The CEO of Soihtu, Timo Lahtinen, sees the new brand as a possibility to emphasize the expertise of the specialists working at the Business unit, in real estate development among other things.

”We co-operate continuously with several stakeholders, such as operators in the fields of real estate industry and finance. Standing out with our own brand makes it easier for the stakeholders to see the role of the business unit as a part of the Student Union”, Lahtinen says.

More information:

The chair of the Board Ira Vainikainen, tel. 045 137 1964

CEO Timo Lahtinen, tel. 044 970 2160

The services of Soihtu, including Kortepohja Student Village and the Soihtu Vehkakuja apartments, are presented at the new webpage at