Please note that the sport trial experiment prior registration and is not included in the insurance.

Kendo on Tuesday 4.10. at 17:00-19:00

Do you ever feel like the usual ball games just don’t interest you anymore and you’d like to try something different? Do you just want to yell on top of your lungs sometimes? If so, welcome to try out kendo in the Sports Appro with Jyväskylä’s kendo club, Ryutokai! Kendo is a Japanese budo-sport, that originated from old Japanese swordfighting-traditions. The sport has since modernized a bit, though during the training an etiquette, typical for Japanese martial arts, is still being used. To train kendo, a sword made from bamboo (shinai) is being used with a light armour (bogu), which will make training a bit more heavy in contact but also more safe. Kendo fits for everyone despite age and in Finland there are over a thousand kendo practitioners.

Where: Ryhtilä, Seminaarinkatu 15.

Equipment: For the appro you’ll need clothes for doing indoor sports and possibly a water bottle. Kendo is being practiced on bare feet, so no indoor-shoes are needed.