Answer to the Member Survey and Have Your Say on the Future of the Student Union!

Please answer to the member survey of the student union of the university of Jyväskylä JYY and have your say on the future of the union!


Do you have magnificent ideas? Do you have a clear vision of the future of the student union? Or do you just have wishes on what the membership fee is spent on? Now is the time to express your ideas by answering the member survey!


The yearly survey of JYY has been split in to two parts this year. During spring we asked you about your experiences with the activities JYY has at the moment. In this part we will gather ideas on how to improve the student union. The views of every member are important, so that the union can be just the way we as a community want it to be. All students of Jyväskylä university are members of the student union. The survey is anonymous.


The survey is open from 29th of September to 17th of October. The survey consists of a general part, and answering it takes about 5 minutes. It also has voluntary extra questions. All respondents take part in a raffle. The price of the raffle is a S group gift card worth 50 euros.