Be the student advocate in your own life!

Taking care of students rights is one of the most important tasks of the student union. In JYY, this is done by the advocacy sector, which includes Specialists in Social Affairs, Academic Affairs and International Affairs. Advocacy work is also done at the level of subject organizations: in principle, every subject organization has their own representatives in Social and Academic Affairs. However, JYY and subject organization representatives cannot see and hear everything. Therefore, it’s important that every student pays attention to these issues. JYY encourages all students to join our mission in making student’s world (or at least student’s Jyväskylä) a better place to live and study!

If you come across issues in your own subject, contact the Academic Affairs Representative in your subject organization. They will then bring the feedback forward. Representatives have a chance to develop studies together with the department. Remember that you can also become a representative yourself! If you notice that your subject or subject organization does not pay enough attention to equal rights and accessibility, you can contact the Representative for Social Affairs. JYY also has subcommittees that are open for everyone, and anyone can come discuss the current issues.

JYY supports students’ rights in different levels: solving single problems, pursuing students’ interests and acting as the link between the subject organizations and the decision-making bodies. JYY has been involved in solving various kinds of harassments issues with the help of harassment contact persons. Last year, JYY supported a proposal due to which students with dyslexia or other learning disabilities are now entitled to an extension in the loan period for course books at the university library. JYY also made a student questionnaire about the starting date of the academic year and forwarded the feedback to the university. Students’ wishes were heard and this year the orientation week for new students will start in September. JYY, together with Corpus ry and many other subject organizations, has been taking forward an initiative about a gender-neutral locker room in our university, and is now following the process.

JYY wants to be a part of affecting these issues more extensively in the future. We encourage all our members to learn about their rights and be student advocates in their everyday life. A student, who knows their rights and responsibilities is able to recognize injustice or shortcomings and address the issue when needed. Share your thoughts and observations about studying, student life and student rights with us or with your subject organization. Let’s bring them forward together!

JYY’s Advocacy Sector