Change in the price of Opinkivi Sauna starting from 1.6.2023

The reservation prices for JYY’s Opinkivi Sauna will increase starting from 1.6.2023. The reason for the increase is that the use and maintenance of the sauna has become more expensive, as the prices of energy and all service providers have gone up.

The prices for Opinkivi Sauna starting from 1.6.2023 will be as follows:

  • Rent for Opinkivi Sauna: €220 (old price €210)
  • Opinkivi Sauna for JYY members: €140 (old price €130)
  • Jacuzzi outdoor hot tub with sauna reservation: €80 (old price €70)
  • Jacuzzi outdoor hot tub with sauna reservation for JYY members: €60 (old price €40)
  • Towels with sauna reservation: €25 (20 pieces) or €45 (45 pieces) (old prices €20 and €40)

Old prices in effect until the end of May 2023

The price increase will come into effect on 1.6.2023. The old price list will apply to reservations made on and until 31.5.2023. The increased prices will be communicated alongside the old prices on the Opinkivi website by 17.4.

Opinkivi Sauna is operated by Soihtu, a business unit owned by JYY. Reservations for the sauna can be made online through the reservation calendar accessible from the JYY website.