Enabling online studies: subsidy for buying a computer

Updated 5/19/2020. The remote learning equipment subsidy (total sum 15000 euros) has now been distributed and the application is closed. Many thanks to all the applicants, and especially to the University of Jyväskylä for the significant grant.

This exceptional spring term has revealed that not all students have laptops or computers of their own. Due to study halls and computer rooms being shut down, some students have been left without adequate equipment to continue their studies remotely online.  

The Student Union JYY has discussed the matter with the university, and JYU has decided to put 15 000 euros towards subsidising students’ computer purchases. The Student Union handles the distribution of the funds. 

The maximum subsidy per person is 150 euros. It can be used to cover all or some of the costs of buying a computer. For example, if a laptop costs 250 euros, 150 will be covered by the subsidy and the remaining 100 euros by the student. However, if the cost of the computer is less than 150 euros, the subsidy will be limited to the actual price. 

This subsidy is for the members of our community who otherwise would have no opportunity to acquire equipment necessary for their online studies this spring. Be mindful. We want to make sure that those truly in need will be aided by this subsidy. Please note, that the subsidy will not be granted for purchases over 400 euros, for it is meant for students in dire need of a computer, not for upgrading to remarkably better equipment. 

The subsidy is granted for purchasing a laptop or a computer. Screens, memory cores or other equipment will not be covered by the subsidy. This way we enable computer purchases for a hundred students at the most. 

The subsidy is available for degree students. Exchange students are not eligible. The subsidy is personal  and it cannot be applied for on behalf of another person. The applicant must be registered for attendance for the spring term 2020 and they must use the student mail address given by the university of Jyväskylä (student.jyu.fi).

The university uses mainly Microsoft services, so you might want to take this into consideration when choosing the device. For example, Chromebook uses an operating system by Google, so there may be issues with compatibility. It is recommended that the device has memory capacity of 4 Gt or more. In questions regarding technology and technical details you can turn to the JYU Digital Services. 

Applications will be processed as of 9.4.2020 (please note the possible effects of the Easter holidays) and payments will begin 14.4.2020. The number of available subsidies is limited. Therefore, please note that applying does not automatically guarantee receiving the subsidy. The decision will be informed via email. 

The receipt of the purchase is mandatory for receiving the subsidy. The receipt must be sent within two weeks of receiving the decision. Therefore, confirmation of receiving the subsidy is available also before making the purchase. Receipts that arrive later than in two weeks will not be taken into consideration and the subsidy will not be paid. 

The subsidy is also available retrospectively to cover costs of a purchase made after 16.3.2020. If you have already bought a device, send the receipt with your application. Doing so will speed up the processing of your application. If you have bought the device from a private individual, attach proof of purchase, for example the monetary transaction. Having purchased the device beforehand does not guarantee receiving the subsidy. The subsidy criteria remains the same regardless of time of purchase.

Additional information: 

Ismo Puhakka
Member Services Secretary
050 430 6747

Please note that receiving the subsidy may affect your taxation and the receival of student financial aid and other benefits.

Data preservation: The applicant register administrator and user is the Student Union JYY of University of Jyväskylä. University administration is informed of the students who receive the subsidy. Once the application round closes and the payments have been made the register will be upheld until the end of the accounting period of 2020 or until the auditor report concerning the accounting period is approved. 

You can read the Student Union’s data privacy statement here.